Award Categories


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Sports, Entertainment and Recreation Equipment Design CompetitionYacht and Marine Vessels Design CompetitionMultidisciplinary and Interdisciplinary Design CompetitionSales, Contact Center and Customer Service Design Competition
Awards, Prize and Competitions Design CompetitionNatural Sciences and Mathematics Design CompetitionSocial Design CompetitionSecurity and Surveillance Products Design Competition
Packaging Design CompetitionBaby, Kids' and Children's Products Design CompetitionEngineering and Technical Design CompetitionDesign Award Competition
Information Processing Tools Design CompetitionGraphics Design CompetitionInterior Design CompetitionMeta, Strategic and Service Design Competition
Excellence in Design CompetitionEnergy Products and Devices Design CompetitionManufacturing and Processing Machinery Design CompetitionChemical Products and Consumables Design Competition
Advanced Design and Design Research CompetitionFurniture and Homeware Design CompetitionWriting, Literature and Content Design CompetitionBathroom Furniture and Sanitary Ware Design Competition
Aerospace and Aircraft Design CompetitionUrban Planning and Urban Design CompetitionFashion and Travel Accessories Design CompetitionEducation and Training Content Design Competition
Business Plan and Corporate Operational Plans Design CompetitionToy and Recreation Design CompetitionFood and Culinary Design CompetitionFuturistic Design Competition
Medical and Scientific Design CompetitionHome Appliances Design CompetitionComputer Graphics and 3D Model Design CompetitionEvent and Happening Design Competition
Information Technologies Design CompetitionHeavy Machinery Design CompetitionSpacecraft, Spaceplanes and Spaceship Design Competition
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